Active MIR4 Coupon Codes

Mir4 is a newly released free-to-play MMORPG available to play on PC and Mobile developed by Wemade. Players can pick from a variety of classes to battle through various monsters, acquire loot, tackle quest, and battle other players in PVP. Best of all, it’s cross platform which allows users to play on PC or mobile on the same account.

The coupon codes available in the game can give your character a nice boost by rewarding them with free in-game currency. The developers often give them out randomly through their social media or Discord channel. We’re here to make things easy for you! The blow is an updated list of all the active coupon codes available to redeem in Mir4. We’ll keep this list updated with new codes as they become available.

Active MIR4 Coupon Codes

  • MIR4OPEN0826 – Use this to redeem 1 Mystic Ring Mir, 10 Rare Advancement Pills, 10 Rare Prosperity Pills, 1 Rare Greed Pill, and 10 Viro Pills.

These codes were last updated February 10th, 2022.

Expired MIR4 Coupon Codes

  • MIR4OPEN0826 – This code can be redeemed once and will reward you with 1 Mystic Ring Mir, 10 Rare Advancement Pills, 10 Rare prosperity Pills, 1 Rare Gree Pill, and 10 Vigor Pills.

How to redeem MIR4 Coupon Codes on Mobile

After you have launched Mir4 on your phone, you’ll see a ‘+‘ icon near the top right of your screen. Once you tap that, you’ll see a ‘settings’ icon. From there you will see a button that says “Enter Coupon”. Tap that and enter the above coupon codes in the text box and get ok.

MIR4 Coupon Code

Make sure to check back frequently to see if there are new MIR4 codes available! You can also check out our full list of redemption codes for other games.