11 Of The Best Unique Items In Diablo 2 Resurrected

When it comes to Diablo 2 Resurrected, Runewords often reign supreme and are the best in slot items for a lot of the character classes. Seeing that ‘unique’ colored font from an item dropping is largely disappointing, unless of course you’re playing in Classic mode where Runewords don’t exist. In Expansion however, in theory, unique items are a rarer item drop so surely it should be good. In reality, the unique items in D2R are more often than not very underwhelming.

That’s not the case for all unique items, though. Some stand out and are a core part of a build for multiple classes and can get that dopamine pumping when you come across it. Let’s take a look at some of the best and strongest unique items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The unique items in this list are known to be are worth a lot but are in no specific order.

The best unique items in D2R

Windforce Hydra Bow

Two-Hand Damage: 35 to (241-547)
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 134
Required Dexterity: 167
Bow Class – Slow Attack Speed
+250% Enhanced Damage
+3-309 To Maximum Damage (+3.125 Per Character Level)
20% Increased Attack Speed
6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Heal Stamina Plus 30%
+10 To Strength
+5 To Dexterity

Windforce has the highest damage of any bow and increases the higher level you are. The mana leech it offers allows players to spam Multishot and the knockback keeps the enemies at a distance. In terms of pure damage, the Windforce reigns supreme but the Faith Runeword gives it a run for it’s money due to it’s Fanaticism aura.

Harlequin Crest Shako

Defense: 98-141
Required Level: 62
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 12
+2 To All Skills
+1-148 To Life (+1.5 Per Character Level)
+1-148 To Mana (+1.5 Per Character Level)
Damage Reduced By 10%
50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 To All Attributes

The Harlequin Crest, widely known as a ‘Shako’ is one of the best helmets in the game that fits a variety of different classes. The low requirements needed to equip it are nice but the damage reduction offered through it is incredibly helpful. On top of that, you get a nice boost to your skills for every class and a good amount of magic finding. You can put a socket in it to add extra magic finding with a Perfect Topaz or add some resistances with an Um rune.

Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor

Defense: 279
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 43
Durability: 24
+120% Enhanced Defense
+1 To All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
Magic Damage Reduced By 9-13
All Resistances +20-35

Skin of the Vipermagi is one of the best armors to use for any caster character as it provides the highest faster cast rate (FCR) bonus for any armor in the game. While the defense is low, so are the requirements. This means you can put more points into vitality instead of strength. The resistance boost is also a nice addition to help meet your caps. If you’re not worried about reaching the highest FCR breakpoint, there are definitely options. But for how easily this item can be found, it’s a solid choice.

Griffon’s Eye Diadem

Defense: 150-260
Required Level: 76
Durability: 20
+100-200 Defense
+1 To All Skills
+25% Faster Cast Rate
-15-20% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
+10-15% To Lightning Skill Damage

If you’re a Lightning Sorceress or a Javazon, this item will be your best in slot. The added lightning damage with the lowering of enemies lightning resistances means you can shred through monsters, even hurting those that are lightning immune. This item can only be found in ladder mode.

War Traveler Boots

Defense: 120-139
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 95
Durability: 48
Assassin Kick Damage: 37-64
+150-190% Enhanced Defense
25% Faster Run/Walk
+10 To Vitality
+10 To Strength
Adds 15-25 Damage
40% Slower Stamina Drain
Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10
30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

These unique Battle Boots can provide the highest magic finding boots for any game. But the benefits don’t stop there! The 25% Faster Run/Walk is much sought after for classes that don’t have teleport available. The additional damage might not seem like much, but it can be a huge boost for classes that utilize enhanced damage.

Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash

Defense: 119-138
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 12
16 Potion Boxes
+90-120% Enhanced Defense
Slows Target By 10%
+1 To All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Increases Maximum Mana 5%
Level 3 Venom (11 Charges)

This is the only belt in the game that will give an additional +1 to skills, but it’s also the only belt that provides faster cast rate. This belt is best in slot for any caster unless you’re a Sorceress. The increase in maximum mana is also a huge benefit.

Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Required Level: 67
+2 To All Skills
All Resistances +20-30
+5 To All Attributes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but this unique amulet works incredibly well for all classes thanks to it’s + skills and resistances. That’s not to say there aren’t better amulets in the game, but they are largely class specific and roll from rare amulets.

Stone of Jordan

Required Level: 29
+1 to All Skills
+25% Mana
+1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 Mana

While it’s not the only unique ring to offer a +1 to all skills, the Stone of Jordan, often called “SOJ” is a nice fit for any caster characters thanks to the additional mana. This ring is also used to spawn the boss Uber Diablo which drops the unique charm, Annihilus.

Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band

Required Level: 58
+1 To All Skills
(0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life (Based On Character Level)
3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit
+50 Maximum Stamina

This ring is a version of the Stone of Jordan that’s geared towards physical fighters. Both have the additional plus all skills, but the BK ring provides life and life leech.

Raven Frost Ring

Required Level: 45
+150-250 to Attack Rating
+15-45 Cold Damage
+15-20 to Dexterity
+40 to Mana
Cold Absorb 20%
Cannot Be Frozen

This ring is usually worn in conjunction with either a BK Ring, SOJ, or any rare ring that fits the characters needs. The major thing that makes it valuable for all classes is the ‘Cannot Be Frozen’ stat. If you use physical damage, it’s even better thanks to the attack rating bonus.

Andariel’s Visage

Defense: 310-387
Required Level: 83
Required Strength: 102
Durability: 20
+100-150% Enhanced Defense
+2 To All Skills
20% Increased Attack Speed
8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit
+25-30 To Strength
+10% To Maximum Poison Resist
Fire Resist -30%
Poison Resist +70%
15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck
Level 3 Venom (20 charges)

This ladder only helmet is often used on Act 2 Mercenaries, which might seem strange at first glance if you’re noticing the +2 to skills. The increased attack speed and life stolen per hit are all a big bonus to your mercenary. But the biggest bonus of all is the additional strength the helmet gets. This allows your mercenary to more easily equip sacred armors for more base defense and colossus voulge’s for more damage.

The one downside is the negative fire resistance it gives, but some players make up for that by putting a Ral rune in the helmet. Others utilize the ‘Treachery’ armor on their mercenary which can provide a level 15 Fade on attack, which gives 60% resistances to all.

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